Portraits of horses / pets


There is a lot possible in the field of having a portrait painted / drawn by me. The reason for a portrait is different for everyone.
Below I have worked out basic options, please contact us for more specific wishes and costs.

Special bond​

The bond we feel with horses is very special. It is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced this themselves. The connection you have from your heart with your horse is a special one. Your horse is a being that offers so much more than one sometimes realizes and we must honor this. I have painted hundreds of horse portraits on commission. It brings horse owners so much pleasure. In some cases emotional support and in the end peace, especially dealing with loss. 

Missing them​

I regularly speak to people who have had to let their best friend go. Either suddenly or through a dreadful long road of illness(es). Eitherway, the grief and mourning of this loss is intens. From my own experience I can say that the grieving process is more often difficult than easy. Those feelings and sadness can be difficult to deal with. However, it is possible to feel the presence of your horse again. So that the emptiness becomes less and the support of his or her presence through the artwork strengthens you in this process. Even years after the fact.






This, of course, also applies to your beloved dog and cat



















Transparency on cost




Oil on wooden panel (incl. base frame)

Head, neck and shoulder (1 person/animal)

  • starting at € 2600 (depending on the size of the panel/canvas)

Additional costs portrait pricing:
- bridle/halter/hands; starting at €500
- saddle/rider/body/special backgrounds; starting at €1000

Duo or group portraits, price on request.
Linen canvas also possible, excluding framing.


Graphite pencil or charcoal on paper
(excluding framing)

  • starting at € 650


Oil paint sketch
Pet Portrait  
oil on panel

  • 'entry price' of € 500 (actual value based on artist factor is approx. € 900)
  • standard size 20 x 30 cm
  • based on submitted photo
  • excluding (box) frame





Painting portraits is custom work. The costs of an artwork depend on the choice of materials, size, composition and complexity. During an exploratory meeting, I can form a good idea of your wishlist and create a tailor-made price.



Travel Reimbursement Netherlands​:

€ 0.40 per kilometer


Travel allowance abroad:

Compensation per kilometer or ticket and overnight stay if need be.


All pricing are excluding framing, costs of international shipping and insurance (on requested).
Box frames, decorative frames and general framing of your work can be provided.
Pricing on request.


Arranging payments








Working method



Personal contact: During this first contact, we talk about your wishes, I respond to your questions, I advise if wanted and we discuss our agreement.




Order confirmation: After our first meetup, I send you an order confirmation containing all the things we agreed on. In this way, it always clear for both parties what we agreed. After you signed it, we will make an appointment to meet if and when possible. And if this has not happened already.




Getting to know you: I would really like to meet you and your horse or the subject in person. If not possible, receiving photos of good quality is even more crucial. We can also meet through video chat.




Creating your portrait: I’ll create your portrait in my studio. I will engage you in this process from the beginning to the end.




Handing over your portrait: when the portrait is done, we will make an appointment to hand over your portrait. This is always a special moment. When this is not an option, the portrait can be shipped internationally.






Wish to have a portrait created?
Contact me through email or chat for an estimate.
Inquire about the waiting list.








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Portret van een bruin paard door mirelle vegers olieverf schilderij op doek