Voucher Pet Portrait


Are you looking for an original and special gift?

Or would you like to surprise a loved one for his or her birthday?

Then give a Pet Portrait Voucher as a gift.


How can you not make someone happy with a painted portrait of his or her beloved pet? That stubborn Siamese, faithful Labrador or elegant Andalusian recorded forever. Your own portrait so that your beloved four-legged friend stays with you forever.


Don't you want this for your love too? Then order a Pet Portrait Voucher quickly


The cost of a Pet Portrait Voucher is 475 euro. A voucher is valid up to one year after issue date. The recipient of the voucher is then entitled to a painted portrait of his or her pet/horse. This portrait is painted with acrylic paint on a 3D canvas of 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12" inches).

Note: The price of a Pet Portrait is originally 720 euros (standard calculation for paintings with my artistic factor). To give as many people as possible the opportunity to have a good quality portrait of their (domestic) animal made by a professional artist, the price is for now fixed at 475 euros.





A Pet Portrait Voucher is delivered in a blank envelope that you can then personalize and / or pack up as desired. A voucher is sent by letter and simply passes through the mailbox. After receiving all the necessary information and payment, your voucher will be sent as soon as possible.


Below you can read all the conditions for a Pet Portrait Voucher.





Conditions Pet Portrait Voucher

Only valid:

  • When handing in the original voucher.
  • After receiving the complete address details including an e-mail address of both recipient and buyer.



How does it work?


  • The recipient of the voucher supplies a good digital photo of the subject to be painted.
  • The better the quality of the photo, the better the end result.
  • The issuer of the photo gives written permission for the use and processing of the delivered photo in connection with creative and copyright.
  • Via telephone, Skype, e-mail, social media and/or Whatsapp the design and execution of the little art are discussed.
  • The size is 30 x 30 cm.
  • The material is acrylic paint on 3D canvas.
  • The voucher has a value of 475 euros, including shipping within the Netherlands.
  • When shipping outside the Netherlands, the shipping costs will be added.
  • The transferee receives the final result digitally before the transfer is made.
  • Retrieving the artwork is possible.
  • When collecting the artwork, no settlement of the shipping costs takes place.
  • Framing the work is possible at extra cost.
  • Shipping via DHL with track & trace.


After receiving


  • After receipt, the artwork may not be duplicated in any way.
  • In the case of (online) publication of the work by means of photos or video and or otherwise, the mention "Mirelle Vegers Equine Art" should be added.
  • This voucher is not redeemable for contact money and is valid up to one year after the aforementioned date.


Here you can read everything about Pet Portraits.

Do you have any questions please call +31 (0) 6 3879 6523 or send an e-mail to info@mirellevegers.nl



To order a voucher, mail your contact details to admin@mirellevegers.nl


Ask an English version of the terms and conditions via admin@mirellevegers.nl.

For payment by bank transfer, you could use TransferWise; transferwise.com. Here is a step by step guide for you to follow:
Paying-by-bank-transfer through TransferWise

these are our bank details:
IBAN: NL85 RABO 0332 4226 66
Mirelle Vegers Equine Art

Please let us know if you need any assistance, we are happy to help: admin@mirellevegers.nl.


kleintje kunst - klein acryl portret op doek van een hond (jack russel) door Mirelle Vegers


kleintje kunst - klein acryl portret op doek van een hond (terrier) door Mirelle Vegers


kleintje kunst - klein acryl portret op doek van een paardenhoofd door Mirelle Vegers


kleintje kunst - klein acryl portret op doek van een hond (chow chow) door Mirelle Vegers


kleintje kunst - klein acryl portret op doek van een hond (jack russel) door Mirelle Vegers