Inspiration agenda 2019


Limited Edition


Do you often have ideas you want to record before you forget about them? Are you looking for a booklet that you can use to create sketche and use for your appointments?

I do and that is why I have designed a special agenda. This luxury "inspiration agenda" is for people who create, design, invent and/or write things. Filled with inspiring quotes, inspirational tips, note and sketch space. And of course with my artwork! The agenda is published in a special limited edition, numbered and signed.

Only 50 will be made!


  • Limited edition with a maximum of 50 pieces
  • Numbered and signed
  • Size 21 x 21 cm
  • Luxury sturdy look
  • Black bracts and reading guide
  • Temporarily free shipping within the Netherlands, added fee overseas shipping



Special artwork


For those who aren't looking for an agenda but for a special work of art, I can also wholeheartedly recommend the inspiration agenda. Every edition is new, innovative, special and different than the standard.

A fine piece of design, with a funny twist that makes this book a real piece of art. For collectors of special things, lovers of horses and anyone who appreciates art, this inspiration agenda is a must have.

Place it on your coffee table, in the consulting room or on your desk. Know that it will certainly attract attention!

Order it now, because the agenda will sell out before you know it.


Note: For payments and transfer overseas you can also contact us on for assistance in this process and your invoice.